Trim Cover Installation

With all of the Mounting Assemblies now at the same height, install the trim cover by following these steps:

  • Hook the Trim Cover over the top lip of the Mounting Assemblies by placing it horizontally across the mount swivels in row one and rotating it down until it comes to a stop.
  • Trim Cover Over Mounting Assemblies

  • The trim covers are sized to fit the AC Module edges and should be positioned to support each location in which the AC Modules will be installed. Ensure that each Trim Cover is fully seated on the Mounting Assemblies in that row. If more than one Trim Cover will be installed, position each additional one side by side until the front row is complete.
  • Trim covers sized to fit AC Module Edges

  • Using the included hardware, attach the endcap plates to both of the open ends of the Trim Cover. Align the holes in the endcap plate with the pre-drilled holes on the ends of the Trim Cover and secure it to each of the sides.
  • Endcap plates attach to open ends of Trim Cover