Leveling the Mounting Assemblies

    • Using leveling string, tie a knot around the first mounting assembly stud, just below the swivel portion of the Mounting Assembly. Ensure that the top portion of the stud can be seen through the opening of the mount swivel. As a starting point, adjust the Mounting Assembly to mid-height where the top of the mounting stud is level with the lower lip of the mount swivel.

Mounting Assembly Diagram

    • Pull the leveling string up and over the top of the mount swivel, extending it all the way to the last Mounting Assembly in the row.

Pull Leveling string up and over mount swivel

    • Once you’ve reached the Mounting Assembly at the other end of the row, pull the leveling string over the top surface of the mount swivel and tie another knot around the mounting assembly stud as performed in step 1.

Note: Apply some tension to the string to create a leveling guide between the first and last Mounting Assemblies.

    • At both ends of the leveling guide, measure the height between the string and the surface of the roof structure. If the height is not the same at both ends, turn the mount swivel to adjust the height so they are the same. To raise the height, turn the mount swivel counterclockwise. To lower the height, turn the mount swivel clockwise.

Turn the Mount Swivel Clockwise

    • Once the first and last Mounting Assemblies in that row are the same height, adjust the remaining Mounting Assemblies by turning the mount swivels (clockwise or counterclockwise) until they are the same height and position as the leveling string.

Adjust Remaining Mount Assemblies

  • Secure and tighten each Mounting Assembly bolt using 14 lb-ft or 19 N-m of torque and remove the leveling string before installing the Trim Cover.