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Why Install Residential Solar Power?

Reduce Energy Costs

Energy from the solar array is immediately available to power your home. In some states, owners of solar energy systems can obtain and sell Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) based on how much energy they produce. That means that in addition to reducing their utility bill, solar owners in these states can earn additional revenue, further increasing their savings from solar.

Increase Home Value

Because potential buyers also have the incentive of low energy costs, your home will likely have a higher market value. In the case that you want to keep your system when the home is sold, you can simply have it re-installed on your new home.

Tax Incentives

The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal 30% tax credit of the cost of solar power systems. These credits apply to systems that are installed on residential and commercial properties and further decrease the cost of the system.

Cost-Effective Residential Solar Installation

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